How to Become a Digital Marketing Expert

Digital Marketing is not a simple thing as traditional Marketing. Currently, most of the customers spend their time on the internet rather than newspaper ads and television ads. To become a Digital Marketing Expert, one should need a set of online promotional skills and knowledge to work on various digital marketing platforms or channels.

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Guidance to start Digital Marketing career


One should have the following skills to become a Digital Marketing expert.

  • Awareness of online promotion
  • Monitoring and optimizing SEO/ PPC campaigns
  • Managing digital marketing platform
  • Supervising the activities of digital campaigns
  • To check the performance of marketing channels
  • Maintaining the subscribers and customer details
  • Should know more than one online /social media platform
  • Having social media marketing skills to run an ad campaign is an additional advantage.

All you need in digital marketing is a computer, internet connection, and basic knowledge of digital marketing. You can become an expert by start practicing on a small scale. Learn the digital marketing skills from the SeekaHost and start applying on small practicing on following things


 start Digital Marketing


Things to be followed to start a Digital Marketing career

  • Start your blog and create the post on any trending topics.
  • Learn basic SEO skills and optimize your blog
  • Install Google My Business and Google Analytics and learn how to get traffic to your blog and start exploring
  • Signup with Google Adwords and research keyword to find what are the topics currently on-trend and write a blog about that. This helps to drive more traffic.
  • Write more articles on different categories and publish with perfect On-Page SEO on your blog.
  • Same Time open a social media accounts like Facebook/ Twitter/ LinkedIn/ Instagram in the name of your blog and start sharing the articles apart from your account.
  • Start promoting your social media page with a low budget.
  • Start using email marketing service” Mailchimp” to run campaigns.
  • Embed signup forms in your blog to collect the contact details of subscribers.
  • Learn about Google Adwords and start promoting your blog with low CPC bids.
  • Convert your Blog into Mobile- friendly and create more Google ads.

To practice all these things, you need 30 days if you are utilizing solidly for one hour per day. After you get mold with the following things you must gain some hands-on training in the area of Digital Marketing.

 Major areas of Digital Marketing

  • SEO-Search Engine Optimization
  • SMM- Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • SEM- Search Engine Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Campaign Marketing

Digital Marketing Expert

Education Qualification for Digital Marketing Expert

 For a Digital Marketing profession, a basic university degree with additional certifications on Digital Marketing is required to build your career on the Digital Marketing platform. If you seriously want to become an expert in the Digital marketing field, you must update your knowledge day today and you must practice with all digital marketing channels,

Top Digital Marketing channels to Focus on 2020 

  1. Email
  2. PPC
  3. Video contents
  4. Organic
  5. Social Media stories
  6. Contents
  7. Website
  8. Referrals
  9. Chatbots
  10. Artificial Intelligence

As already described digital marketing is a dynamic industry, everyday learning makes you strengthen your profile among other digital marketers.

Steps help to become Expert in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Expert

 Starting a career in a Digital Marketing domain is a great choice. If you serious and passionate about building your career in digital marketing platform nothing will stop. You can start work in the world of online marketing from your comfort zone.

We all are now living in the world of the digital platform and everything is started moving to the digital from the traditional way of marketing.

Every business needs to improve its visibility online, so the demand for digital marketers also increasing worldwide.

The main advantage of a digital marketing career is they need not be present physically at the client’s place or business place. They can work remotely from their place. Also, once they get skilled and start practicing digital marketing, they can do freelancing jobs.

  1. Learn the basic of digital Marketing
  2. Start your own blog /website
  3. Learn SEO and become an expert in SEO
  4. Get certification in SEO/Google Ads
  5. Start using Google Analytics
  6. Enroll for the Internship program
  7. Keep updating your digital marketing skills
  8. Learn to use Digital Marketing Tools
  9. Practice more with a Clients site
  10. Grow along with your company and build your profile strongly as a Digital Marketing expert
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karthiga Mohan

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Jr. SEO Consultant at ClickDo | content writer | Research and content specialist | certified inbound marketer from Hubspot