Business Waste Regulation

Business Waste Regulation in United Kingdom

Waste regulation is an abstract concept of management; it is a set of rules and trends that you should follow. The UK government has come up with explicit waste regulation laws and decrees, all meant to guide businesses on waste management.  This is to ensure that as a business is running, the environment and its face are clean and maintained. Ever wondered how much we pollute the environment, mainly by releasing harmful wastes from our business? And how much that affects humans and nature? What then are we doing to ensure we are on the right track?

Below are regulations set by the government of the UK for business people.

Duty of care

This law ensures that the business owner and workers have it upon themselves to ensure that their business waste doesn’t harm or damage the environment whatsoever. This responsibility is what they call the ‘Duty Of Care’. You are required to store and sort your waste safely as well as ensuring you are using licensed waste carriers.

Safely sort and store your business waste

You are required to sort business waste into labeled containers; don’t mix up bins with the garbage they’re not bearing a label for. Store waste in a secure location in the business area, ensure you use containers that have covers, and which are waterproof to ensure that the waste has a cover to protect it from rainwater. Ensure than you only put waste containers out for collection on the agreed day of waste disposal. Read on different types of waste collection methods, which you must know.

Transport and dispose of your business waste

Transport and dispose of your business waste

You can do this in two major ways, either do it yourself or hire a reliable waste collection company like Express Waste. In each of these cases, there are requirements that you need to know and understand. You must have a waste transfer carrier that you obtain from the local council. And a waste transfer note too. You should fill in the waste transfer note every time they take waste away from your business premises. The information that should you include is the weight of the trash as well as the date of collection. Ensure you keep the copy for at least two years to present it when needed.

Unusual waste regulation

Some businesses produce waste that is unusual and needs specialized handling. If your company produces this extraordinary waste, you may be required to comply with more stringent legislation. This waste includes Animal by-products, which can either be body parts or material produce. If this is the case, you must register with the animal and plant health agency.

Waste electoral and electronic equipment (WEEE) is also categorized as unusual waste in businesses. The electrical waste battery contains hazardous materials that must be stored and disposed of correctly. It is stored for three months before it is collected and registered by waste carriers.

Penalty charges for noncompliance

Businesspersons face the penalty for not following these laws to the latter. The penalty can be in the form of a fine or a jail term or both.

The government of the United Kingdom looks to it that the environment is taken good care of by all people including businesses. As a business, express waste removals is your reliable and affordable partner in helping you adhere to these rules and laws. They’re a professional and licensed waste removal company in London. As far as what we know about their business, they always observe the highest industry standards when handling your business waste.

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