how cpanel licence enhance vps security

Looking for ways to strengthen your servers’ security system? Seems like a relatively cheap cPanel licence might be one of those effective measures. Time4VPS, a host for almost two decades, reveals why this control panel software is a game-changer. Especially for ones who manage servers themselves.

cPanel Licence Enhance VPS Security

1. Full-Fledged Picture

how cpanel licence enhance vps security - Full-Fledged Picture

As you might already know, a cheap cPanel license offers a friendly user interface. Or, in other words, a clear, full-fledged picture of the server. Now, you might wonder – what does it have to do with virtual environment security? Market experts remind us – that having a structured view makes it easier to follow and understand the processes. Obviously, tracking the error logs and spotting likely security gaps too.

2. Access Management and Stronger Passwords

Sometimes seemingly small details make a huge difference. For instance – effective access management and strong passwords. With a cPanel, you can easily create, delete, and suspend users’ accounts. As well as control who can access specific files and protect the most sensitive data. Want to take your passwords game a step further? Use cPHulk to prevent your web from brute force attacks (automated systems created to guess passwords).

3. Comprehensive Analytics

Comprehensive Analytics

Another important factor here – cPanel offers a metric tracking function. Meaning it’s easy to track every process that runs on the website and server. Just a few aspects of the comprehensive analytics platform:

  • Traffic
  • Error logs
  • Resources usage
  • Web visitors’ behaviour

You can quickly identify errors and likely causes by seeing the whole picture. A number of monitoring and statistic tools create a perfect environment to test new things. Thus, it’s easy to go back to the drawing board even if some decisions fail.

4. Data Encryption and Greylisting

Another perk of a friendly-to-use interface – it allows you to encrypt the outbound messages. Also, to fully control the information stream downloaded to the server. IT pros advise creating your own mail server too. Here, a so-called Greylisting tool blocks the spam and questionable senders.

5. Automated Backups and Updates

Automated Backups and Updates

There is a reason why pro-level programmers wouldn’t skip even a minor update. Cutting corners, in this case, leads to security gaps. The best part here is that cPanel offers automated, scheduled commands. These are also known as cron jobs. By the way, a more accessible server management system also provides built-in backups.

An efficient self-managed server is not rocket science anymore. Obviously, creating a highly secure virtual environment needs getting to know every bit of your server first. Thus, invest in the right tools. Seems like an IT community recognised cPanel offers a bunch of those. If you are looking for an alternative web hosting control panel then read more about the SeekaPanel.

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