Exhibition Stand Management – 4 Things to Keep In Mind

Taking part in an exhibition or trade show requires hard work and is often exhausting.

For beginners and pros alike, exhibitions require careful planning and strategic thinking for businesses to leverage the event. It also means they can achieve the results they’re looking for.

This makes your exhibition stands, one of the most crucial elements of your exhibit. It serves as a representation of your business, and all that it offers, making it necessary for you to get the right stand for your business.

While you may have already narrowed down on modular reusable exhibition stands in the UK or wherever you live, there are a few tips and tricks everyone can follow.

We’ve put together a list of things everyone needs to keep in mind for exhibition stand management to be successful at the event.

Tips on Exhibition Stand Management

1. Be Well Staffed

Running a stand is a full-time job, and there should be absolutely no point during the entire course of the exhibition that your stand is left unattended or understaffed.

Since the flow of the crowd can vary according to the time and for other reasons, you’ll want to stay prepared throughout the event. By keeping your stand unattended, you may lose the chance of building your client base and this may lead you away from the goals you were hoping to achieve.

Exhibition Stand Management - Be Well Staffed

Having enough members on the stand also helps establish a professional image for your business as every visitor will have someone from your team attend them.

If your business is small and you don’t have enough team members, ask your friends to help out or consider hiring additional staff and brief them before to have a successful exhibit.

2. Create A Checklist

Preparing for an event means that there are a number of things you need to organise and take care of. While you may have everything arranged and ready to go, there are always a few elements that you may end up missing on. To avoid this from happening, always make a checklist.

List down the numerous things you need to do, get, or put together so that you can keep track of everything. With this, also make arrangements to create a layout and note down contact details and other information of those visiting your exhibit.

A checklist helps you finalise and keep all your material ready for your exhibit and also helps negate any doubts you may have about missing elements.

3. Keep Your Stand Well-Organised

Keep Your Stand Well-Organised

Every business has several information booklets and pamphlets to give out to their stand visitors during the exhibition. This often means your stand will have different kinds of literature and promotional material that need to be organised every now and then.

Since handing out leaflets means there’s bound to be some chaos in terms of organisation, you can avoid this from happening by keeping the stands systematic. Keep someone in charge of making sure everything is placed properly and arranged well.

4. Don’t Overwhelm Your Visitors

Since every exhibition or trade show is usually meant for a certain group of people, there’s a chance that your visitors might know exactly what they’re looking for. If not this, they might have a rough idea of what they require and if your team overwhelms them with information, they’ll walk away from your exhibit.

Avoid this from happening by making sure you don’t immediately bombard them with information when they visit your stall. Make sure to brief your team accordingly so that they don’t overwhelm your visitors as soon as they visit your exhibit.

To keep things interesting, you may want to engage with them in a personal conversation before you give them the general sales pitch. This helps build organic relationships and generate new leads that can help later down the road.

To Sum Up

Exhibition stand management, when done right, can ensure that your business gets several leads and ROI. While it may seem like a daunting task, as long as you know what to do to make your exhibit a success, you’re good to go!

While we’ve only listed a few tips that everyone can follow for a successful exhibit, there are many tips and tricks available for everyone to use to make the most of your exhibition.

Make sure to implement the right strategies to get a good return on your investment. Also, strive to invest in the right elements like modular stands for exhibitions so that you can reuse them later.