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Relating to a particular area or region is called Local. The result of the local search is called local search results.   That references a service or product that is typically consumed locally, such as dress shops or restaurants is an implicit local search. There are many examples like “restaurants in Bristol”. When you search for this example place as a local search, the search engine result page shows you a 3 pack. It will help to boost your business. There are many businesses similar to yours. So, you can ask the question “How can your business be a part of the 3 pack? The answer is, your business can be a part of the 3 pack because of doing local SEO.

Let’s start a discussion about what is local SEO and what is Google My Business

What is local SEO?

Google my business in seo

Local search engine optimization is to optimize your business listing for your local audience. It is similar to standard SEO except in this context, it is to rank locally.

What is Google My Business?

Google my business is said as a service operated by Google for business owners. It is used to create our business profile for business owners on Google for no cost. The business profile will provide users with very important details which include a phone number, hours and address. It is one of the important tools to manage how your website shows in the Google maps and Google knowledge graph. The details from the profile may be featured in the 3 pack or individually at the top of the search result.

If you have own business, you should have a Google My Business listing. If you don’t have one, now this is the time to create one. That will helps to increase your business visibility by having a business profile on the search engine. The business profile will help all of us to some way before and even now. If you don’t believe, research carried out by Nectafy found that 88% of consumers who do a local search visit. Having your profile on the search engine makes you visible. But some of the local search engine optimizations will help you optimize for local search.

Let’s see how to set up Google My Business

It is very simple to set up Google my business. It does not take time very long, let us discuss it. There are few instructions to be following to set up Google My Business.

In the very first we have to visit Google My business. You can select the start now. Then you have to find or create a business. If found, click “Manage” or otherwise, create a new business listing. Then you have to choose whether or not to add area or location or region of the business. You have to choose the category for your business. Then you have to provide contact details like phone number and website URL. Finally, verify your business with a postcard or phone or email verification. That’s all the steps that you need to do create a listing. It looks very easy and no cost(free).

Local Ranking Factors for Google My Business

ranking our google my business

Google will always decide local ranking based on 3 main factors. These three factors are very important. They are said as Relevance, Distance, and Prominence.

Relevance is the similarity between the local listing the user’s search. Distance is the proximity of the potential search result with the location searched. Prominence is the popularity of a business. It takes into consideration popularity in the offline in the same way information obtained by Google from across the web.

Let’s see some of the following to improve your local ranking

Enter complete data:

You have to include all the important information which is available regarding your business so users will understand your business better. It will show your complete information that helps you to increase your ranking factor. When they understood your business, it will be famous and more likely to engage with your business.

Provide accurate data:

accurate data of google my business

You have to provide correct and accurate data because more data users to understand your business better. By giving accurate data that helps the users to find you quickly and comes to your data on the top of the search engine result page. But they are utterly useless if they are inaccurate. It will create a bad impression and experience for the users. You have to ensure that you keep your hours, location and important data are accurate.

How to do Local search engine optimization?

Google My Business:

Here are a few things you can do regarding Google My Business.

By adding photos and videos you will be able to create an attraction and lets your users know what to expect.

By writing an enticing business description, will give viewers a rough idea of what your business is all about.

By creating Google My Business Question and answer will helps you to understand your audience and make your business transparent.

By creating Google My Business Post will keep your viewers updated with things that are going on with your business, such as promotion and events.

By adding a Menu and Product Collection, people are likely to engage with you after they’re assured you have what they need.

NAP Citations

NAP is abbreviated as Name, address, and phone. To optimize locally you have to give an accurate name, address, and phone for information. It helps to get high ranking quickly. So you need to have close attention to ensure to give your accurate data.

Local Reviews

reviews for google my business

On the side of Google, it takes into consider the information found on the web. Local reviews will surely have an impact on local search ranking. So you have to start saying to your customers to leave a review of your business. If you got the reviews to form the viewers that will help to improve us. Don’t think it is good or bad, always remember to reply so you can easily know that you take your customers seriously.

Jamuna Sri

Jamuna Sri

Jr. SEO Consultant at ClickDo Ltd | Passionate in writing about Business, Health, Lifestyle related blogs.

By Jamuna Sri

Jr. SEO Consultant at ClickDo Ltd | Passionate in writing about Business, Health, Lifestyle related blogs.