4G Signal Booster

How 4G Signal Booster Works?

4G Signal boosters are integral to improving the network quality in an area. The 4G signal booster, in essence, acts as a cell phone booster by taking the phone network signal, amplifying it, and rebroadcasting it to a phone or the signal tower. Knowing what the signal booster does is good, but how is also another different ball game.

Parts of a 4G Signal Booster

Every signal booster comprises three main parts. Each section is integral to the working of the 4G boosters. They are:

  1. External Antenna– Used to capture the weak cell phone networks from the cell tower.
  2. Amplifier– the amplifier pick weak signal from either antenna and amplifies it
  3. Indoor antenna – It is used to rebroadcast signal from in the house, office, or car

Each of the antenna parts is connected by Coax Cables which can deliver powerful electrical signals over short distances with minimal signal losses.

4G Signal Booster Works

External Antenna

The external antenna is also called the donor antenna and is the first part of the booster that interacts and collects the weak 4G signal from around the home or office.

There are two main types of external antennas; the Omnidirectional antenna picks signals at a 360°. They are good for people who live next to the medium are strong signals or have cell phone towers nearby. Vehicle antennas are omnidirectional.

The Uni-directional antenna is made to pick up the cell phone signal in just one direction and can pick up signals at 45° only. Since it only points in one direction alone it has further reach than the omnidirectional antenna. This external antenna must always face the nearest cell phone tower for the best results and pick up extremely low signals. The other shortfall is it can only pick up signals from one carrier at a time.


The amplifiers are the devices that boost the signal before sending the signal to the internal receiver. The amplifiers have varied signal gain and coverage area depending on the use. The home booster can cover up to 2,500 sq ft while the commercial booster cover up to 100,000 sq ft.

4G Signal Booster parts

Indoor Antenna

The indoor antenna rebroadcast signals from the amplifier to the entire building. There are two main antennas you can choose from the dome or panel antenna. One is mounted on the wall while the other mounted on the ceiling.

Final Word

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