Diamonds have won the hearts of many people since their discovery. They have been widely used for jewellery making and for cutting purposes in various industries. These diamonds are formed under the Earth’s crust over a period of billions of years under conditions of high temperature and pressure. They are then mined from the surface and processed in order to be used in jewellery and other industries.

For a very long time, the only source of these precious diamonds were the diamond mines located in a few countries like Russia, India, Africa and Australia. The diamond mines require a lot of digging of the Earth’s surface which leaves a massive void on the surface and also disturbs the surrounding environment.

Additionally, the working conditions of the labourers involved in diamond mining are inhumane. In Africa, diamonds have been associated with funding wars and insurgencies. All these reasons of concerns were overlooked for many years because there were no alternatives for naturally mined diamonds.

Naturally Mined Diamonds

However, the introduction of lab grown diamonds or eco diamonds has revolutionized the entire jewellery industry. Lab grown diamonds are the ones which are created in a lab under conditions of high temperature and pressure in a few days as opposed to the natural diamonds which take billions of years. They are also more eco-friendly since they do not involve any environmental and ethical concerns like the naturally mined diamonds.

The best part about the lab grown diamonds is that they look exactly like the naturally mine diamonds having the same physical, chemical and optical properties with the only difference being that they are created in an artificial environment. In fact, one would not be able to tell the difference between a naturally occurring diamond and a lab grown one with a naked eye. Bespoke engagement rings made up of lab grown diamonds are also trending.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds do not just offer a more eco-friendly option to the people but also a more affordable alternative to natural diamonds. Lab grown diamonds cost a lot lesser than mined diamonds due to the elimination of labour associated with mining and processing. Lab grown diamonds also have fewer inclusions and lesser imperfections as compared to the natural diamonds.

Hence, lab grown diamond alternatives allow the customer to buy diamond jewellery without breaking the bank and without bearing the guilt of supporting environmental damage.

Since people are becoming more ethically and environmentally aware, they are becoming more conscious of the choices in their life that impacts these aspects. Hence, they are making more sustainable choices in their everyday living including jewellery shopping. And with lab grown diamonds providing them with the additional advantage of being budget friendly, people are naturally bending towards investing in lab grown diamond jewellery from hatton garden jewellers London than natural diamond jewellery.

Today, even the famous celebrities such as Emma Watson and Meghan Markle are advocating the use of lab grown diamond jewellery and influencing people to make sustainable choices in life. We all should shop mindfully in order to make our planet better for our children.

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