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Optimising Mobile Search & Mobile Page Speed

How to Optimize Your Mobile Page Speed

Mobile search has increased drastically, and it is going to pass the desktop searches in the next 2 years. So, you must improve mobile-first rankings, boost visibility and enhance user experiences.

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How can you do this? – according to Fernando Raymond, first make sure your website is mobile friendly and responsive for any mobile device. So, people can experience your website and grasp the content fast. You can see how ClickDo loads ins a mobile friendly manner giving you the ideal experience to stick and inquire more about our services.

Smartphone use in the UK is at an all-time high. We are a nation glued to our Smartphone screens both day and night. Mobile phones have changed the way we used to live our lives; almost every task has been digitised. – SeekaHost

Today, most shoppers across the country confess to having conducted some form of ‘internet research’ before trying out a new product/service. For instance, a lady looking to have a liposuction procedure may spend endless hours on their mobile phone researching about the London clinics offering it, at what prices. A lad looking for the best Laptop repair shop around London would most likely have to spend an hour or more on his mobile phone, trying to find what shop would serve him best.

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Now, how would you position your business so that a mobile phone user can find your business quickly, enjoy their visit and navigating through your business site, and then finally convert that into a sale? Mobile optimisation entails all the efforts and practices that are made to help your site perform better, faster, more favorably to a user using a handheld device to access your business website.

Why is this important?

Nowadays, it is common knowledge that the digital platform is the new frontline for the battle for profitability and business survival frontier.

Digital or online marketing has the potential to catapult your UK business to heights that traditional media like radios, TV, newspapers may never achieve.

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How many millennials buy papers each day? Or sit down to watch TV for the latest ads and commercials? Most are just okay finding out everything they need to from their mobile phones and other handheld devices.

You need to have your business visible out there and ensure that the person visiting can have a user-friendly experience.

How does mobile-first ranking it work?

  • Google uses a unique form of indexing to rank sites that have configured their websites and made them mobile user-friendly. Historically, Google has relied on the Desktop’s version of content to determine the relevance of a site to the one searching for results.
  • But seeing that more people use mobile phones to access the internet, Google has had to adapt to this new reality. Thus nowadays, it’s the content on the mobile pages that matter most during searches.
  • When Google is indexing and ranking pages, your business site will be ranked higher. We’re not saying that the content on the desktop version and mobile version should be different; both should have similar, structured data. There are special tools like Data Highlighter that you can use to ensure that there are no URL or extraction errors on your site.
  • Here at ClickDo, we can help you transition your site to a mobile friendly one. We’ll assess each website individually to evaluate its readiness and compatibility with mobile –first indexing. You may need some optimisation on your site if;


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  1. You have separate URLs (mobile and desktop versions); as we said earlier, Google will favour the mobile optimised content when indexing. Our ClickDo best practices will come in handy for your business site in such a scenario.
  2. Dynamic serving: if users are accessing different content from your site based on the devices they’re using; the site also needs to be optimised. Google will rank the site higher than those using a mobile phone; those using desktops may not necessarily find you at the top. And as a business, you need every user as a potential customer regardless of what device they’re using. To ensure that you rank top for all, try out our ClickDo mobile indexing best practices.


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Small steps like ensuring that all your page content has metadata and proper titles, will go a long way in impressing Google. For this and more practices, leave it to ClickDo to prescribe what is needed, and how to get that done.

Get in touch with Dinesh Kumar and his expert team at ClickDo Ltd. for online marketing services and with Manuela Willbold and Neil Franklin for content creation.

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