PES 2020 Tips 10 Tactics To Guide You To Victory

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10 PES 2020 tips to help you win

Any method of dealing with the enemy can be called tactics. An expediently constructed tactic gives the desired result; an inexpedient tactic does not lead to it.

Applying expedient methods of struggle means being able to fight. Thus, tactics are the ability to deal with the enemy.

The tactics of a football game are the ability to play with the greatest success. With a high degree of this skill, the tactic of the competition rises to the height of art.

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The complex of knowledge that underlies football tactics is small, and they are accessible and straightforward to all playing football. The whole question is that the player’s experience becomes his skill.

The tactical training of the players and the team as a whole and completing it for some upcoming game cycle based on the “diagnosis” of the players’ game possibilities is quite another matter. It requires a broad range of specialized knowledge, but all of this refers to the strategy of football, which ensures the team success, for example, in the championship or country cup, i.e., in some tournament game cycle as a whole.


Nevertheless, what happens in a game on the field should be considered the subject of tactics, up to and including the choice of technical means of the game, and is primarily a matter of players’ skills.

The ability to fight for the ball, “hold” the player and move away from the holding player, lead around the opponent and take the shot from him – all this is an individual tactic of a football player, more precisely, a tactic of single combat, while team tactics of collective effort unite the unity of purpose and method of individual actions players.

When a player applies his trick art (deceptive movement) to circle an opponent, this is a particular tactic; the player’s stroke itself, used in terms of the organized collective effort of the team, will be a means of team play tactics.

The tactics of a football game are the art of the team with the most significant effect to use all its gaming capabilities, building the game following the characteristics of the opponent.


Practically in the game, this is expressed in a precise offensive system of sending the ball and quick movements of players with him and without him for the final sending of the ball into the opponent’s goal and in a protective system of actions aimed at depriving the opponent of the opportunity to score a goal.

Thus, in whatever tactical system the team plays, all its offensive efforts are reduced to scoring more goals into the opponent’s goal and not letting it pass into their own.

For this, the team in an organized effort tries to allow its attacking players to make strikes on the opponent’s goal from a distance and from positions that would enable scoring a goal. Her defensive tactics are to prevent the enemy from doing so.

To be able to score a goal, the attacking player must at some point be in a position where the enemy would not have prevented him from directing the ball into the goal net.

At this moment, the state of the attacking player, as a rule, is not static and can only be called a position conditionally, since the player usually only in motion finds the freedom of action necessary to score a goal.

However, defense players try to get close to an enemy that is freestanding or moving at their gates and “close” him, even if he does not have the ball if his partners can pass the ball to him at the moment.

Mechanical means to bring the ball closer to the opponent’s goal are a kick and dribble.

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The transfer of the ball from one player to another, a pass, dribbling the ball over a free field – chasing the ball and dribbling the ball past the opponent – a ground moves.

The most straightforward tactic of football is to play on the principle of “hit and run,” i.e., having no definite purpose (unaddressed) sending the ball towards the opponent’s goal and the players’ striving after the shot.

It is a long past stage of the tactical development of the game, to which football will never return.

New tactics of the game are based mainly on the pass, combined with the movements of the players, soccer ball around and ground moves.

The game is only “pass,” without moving players and dribbling the ball, is impossible, since the transfer of the ball between motionless standing players will never bring the ball to the opponent’s goal.

The movement of the attackers is bound to provoke the pursuit of their defensive players.

Breakthroughs at the gate and the ground moves will meet the organized resistance of the defense.

Thus, all the primary tactical means of the game are immediately determined, namely a shot on goal and pass, chasing the ball and stroking, “holding” the player and selecting the ball, moving without the ball and taking up positions, i.e., placing the players.

The distribution between players of gaming functions and the resulting arrangement of players determine the tactical system of the game.

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