Lighting for residence

While lighting the residences, the customized approach is the best option. Every room needs diverse lighting requirements. All rooms and houses have specific lighting needs, and thus, the criteria for the lighting setup would be different. The residential lighting design has to prevent any visual stress and clutter. It is also important to maintain the cohesiveness of the overall design. Precisely, we can say that balance is a must for retaining the best light in the residential zone.

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Exterior lighting

LED and CFL lighting systems are high-efficiency options for exterior lighting in the residential space. The lighting specialists follow the right principles for installing any light. The proper installation will meet various needs.

  • Lighting is a must for the points of entry, including the driveways and doors.
  • The yards, decks, and patios are the areas of outdoor activity, and they need best lighting systems
  • Security lighting is another essential need for residential space

For lighting the landscape, you can rely on the stepped-down power available from the residence.

 Bulb– Get the light of right brightness and color

  • Transformer– Helps in reducing 120 V current
  • Cable- Passes the electricity to emit light. Use the cable for accent lights and under-lit trees.

Interior design

fluorescent lights for rooms

  •    Lighting for bedroom

Proper bedroom lighting creates a peaceful atmosphere. Soft and flattering light is best for your bedroom. For your contemporary style bedroom, you can choose the cove lighting, where the tubes and other lights remain hidden.

  •    Lighting for hallways and stairways

Proper illumination of hallways and stairways is a must to ensure safety. You can place the lighting systems with a gap of 4 to 6 feet. Wall washing is one of the best techniques to add lights to these sites. You can highlight the space and make the room appear bigger with the lighting.

  •    Lighting for bathroom

Safety, aesthetics, and function- these are major factors while illuminating the bathroom. The bright and shadow-free light is right for your grooming purpose in the bathroom. Some of us choose glare-free, recessed lighting for the bathroom.

  •    Lighting for home office

It is now a trend to create a workspace adjacent to our residence. As you do computer works and paperwork at your home office, the light must not cause distraction. Illuminate the desk in a way that prevents any eyestrain. Harsh contrasting lights result in a negative effect.

  •    Lighting for kitchen room

The kitchen room is now useful not only for cooking purposes but also for various other activities. Recessed lights create the ambient lighting layers, and you can supplement them with the task lighting. This task lighting is best to be positioned near your kitchen countertop.

  •    Lighting for dining room-

Lighting  for dining

Some of us have a dining room, separated from the kitchen. Thus, to make your dining space beautiful, you may install a chandelier. Under-cabinet lighting is another fashionable choice to make your dining room more aesthetic.

  •    Lighting for garage room-

Nowadays, garage door openers remain integrated with lighting. However, for the right light output, you need to measure the garage room. For every square foot, you can choose 50 lumens. The energy-efficient fluorescent bulb or LED light is best for lowering your electricity bill.



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