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Are you looking to attract more readers to your UK blog? Perhaps you are also hoping to keep your visitors coming back. Unless you have an audience that reads and engages with your content, creating a blog does not automatically give you results. It has to begin with a strategy focused on putting the needs of your visitors first. How should you grow your blog and turn your leads into profits?

Expand Your Reach

You need to drive as much traffic to your site as you can. There are certain traffic generation tactics you can use to accelerate the growth of your blog. Networking with other bloggers regularly and publishing your business story in the UK Business Blog ( is one of them.

Grow your Blog AudienceNetworking gives your blog more traffic, engagement, and shares. Developing a strong relationship with other bloggers starts on social media. You could start by sharing other blogger’s content and commenting on their forums.

You could also leave helpful comments on other people’s blogs by responding to comments. It is a great way of getting noticed. You could also become a part of a thriving community in your niche.

Choose Links Carefully

Be careful with the links you choose. They should serve the purpose of expanding your reach. Include quality links related to your topic especially those written by other people likely to share your post. Great links are hosted on sites with active social media teams or active promoters.

Blogging and audience building just like in marketing also depend on competitive intelligence. Find out what keywords are trending and topics before fetching links. What keywords are your competitors ranking? Gather more ideas using a keyword research tool such as Moz.

Publish Readable Content

how to grow blog audienceYou grow your readership by publishing content people want to read. Content strategy dictates who you are writing for and the topics you should cover. Publishing such content consistently keeps your readers. Once you have identified your audience, monitor trends and write newsworthy content.

What is more evergreen in your industry and how can it attract significant traffic? Research widely and come up with eye-catching headlines that can attract t the largest number of your targeted audience. Writing about emerging trends gives you visibility. Look for topics getting more traction on social media.

Ensure that the topic you settle for addresses the needs of your audience. Remember to use your own domain and relevant SEO plug-ins. The aim is to make your blog spider-friendly to increase your reach. Be sure to post your blog’s URL on various social platforms. You could use email and RSS to get your content to a certain audience.

The idea of launching a website alone can seem overwhelming. After figuring out the basics of setting up your blog, the greater challenge of getting your first readers then sets in. Growing that small figure to thousands of readers and subscribers is yet another handle most people face. If you are looking to grow your reach as a business, one of the best platforms for you to do so is ClickDo.

Fernando Raymond
I'm the CEO of ClickDo Ltd. and SeekaHost- I help the business grow online with latest SEO services & digital marketing strategies.
Fernando Raymond
Fernando Raymond
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By Fernando Raymond

I'm the CEO of ClickDo Ltd. and SeekaHost- I help the business grow online with latest SEO services & digital marketing strategies.